Nike Air Force 1 High PRM Pendleton ID - “Admiral Drakeford NAVY and Cream of Wheat”

These Nike AF1 High feature Admiral Drakeford Navy/Rusty Bucket/Hard Wood Dust upper (Pendleton wool), Cream of Wheat suede velcro strap, Nike check and sole, Ripe Cherry lining and heel logo hits, Pacific Ocean and Blood Red tongue (Pendleton wool) to offset the primary shoe colors.

By Mr. King JD

theseare too bomb(‘:

(via nikeid)

instead of leave and just pack up

i brush it off and stand back up

running away never did any good

trying to do what i think i should

i only want to please

but instead i feel a breeze

of people blowin me off like nothing

all i want is to amount to something

life seems like a never ending chore,

work work work, at least im never bored

trying to figure out who i am, and just do me

but i put up w/ these people who just cannot see

i just want to make them proud

instead i get nitpicked and a frown

aspects of my life fall apart, and still i take it

then i look up and remember, fake it til you make it

fake that smile and push through pain

then before i know it, happiness is in my lane

so i run down the road of life

pretending to smile through all the strife

if i’m slow to anger, and quick to smile.

maybe God will help you pass this trial.

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